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A yoga practiced designed specifically to meet your needs.

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Each session is crafted based on your wellness goals.

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Monetta loves to hear from you. Drop her a line today.

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From The Blog

  • Monetta is such a great teacher! I always feel energized afterwards, you must check out her class! ~Rachael L.
  • Monetta Wilson is St. Lucia's native born yoga instructor. I have had the privilege of studying with her for that last two months and let me tell you - she is a firecracker! Miss Mo personalizes each class so that everyone gets to do the best yoga of their life; everyday/every class. She is an inspiring lady! ~Jennifer A
  • I have traveled a lot and in every new destination I seek out a yoga class. When I came to St Lucia and started my search; after a few disappointments I was fortunate enough to find Mo. My first class was at her studio in her home town in Mon Repos and instantly I knew I found my fit. Mo pointed out a few things straight away that improved my form dramatically - which no other yoga teacher ever has. Mo seamlessly caters for different physical ability levels within one class and her teaching will reflect the present needs of the class (and with a few laughs along the way!!) . Mo also has a deep connection and love for nature so I highly recommend you take the opportunity to request to practice yoga with Mo outdoors in her natural habitat; sweet St Lucia. ~Ciara D.